In Warsaw, missionaries pray for peace and welcome refugees from Ukraine.

This week, the Shalom mission in Warsaw is carrying out the Siege of Jericho for peace in the world.


In Warsaw, Poland, missionaries from the Shalom Catholic Community welcome refugees from the war in Ukraine. By way of a note, the members of the Community serving in Polish lands shared that they are safe and grateful for the prayers. This reality of war has provided missionaries with a strong experience with God through prayer for peace, intercession and acceptance. 

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“We in Warsaw are expecting a portion of the refugees who will be welcomed in the retreat house, which is next to our home, and we will be involved in this humanitarian action for that time in communion with the parish we serve,” says Isnayde Barreto, Warsaw’s local responsible. This week, the Shalom mission in Polish lands also participates in the Siege of Jericho for peace in the world, promoted by the parish. 

Siege of Jericho for peace in the world

In addition to Warsaw, the Shalom Community is also present in  Krakow, a city that has welcomed Ukrainian and foreign refugees from the warring region. Solidarity has been one of the hallmarks of this country. 


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