International rhythms entertain the Halleluya Festival on the St. John Bosco Stage at WYD Panama 2019

The music festival promoted by the Shalom Community will have more than twenty-seven hours of attraction in the Youth Festival.


Diverse attractions, various rhythms, international singers. The St. John Bosco stage of the World Youth Day – WYD Panama 2019, in the Francisco A. Paredes Park, will hold another edition of the Halleluya Festival, one of the world’s largest Catholic festivals in the world, from the 23rd to the 25th of January, from 14h to 23h, within the cultural programmes of the Youth Festival.

Music from all the continents

The sound of the continents will play on the Halleluya stage. The public will vibrate with Julie Bailey’s reggae (Africa), Acts of Apostle’ contemporary pop (Asia), Masterplan’s heavy metal (Europe), Fr. Rob Galea’s rock (Oceania) and the musicality of the Panamanian Marisol Carrasco.

Straight from Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, the Halleluya will bring to the Don Bosco stage, the Alfareros band, winners of the Latin Grammy 2018 for the Best Christian Album, in Spanish, with the song and music clip “Me rindo”, from the “70 veces 7” CD. The event will also include performances from Ana Gabriela, Banda Conexa, La Voz Del Desierto, Ministério Cafe7, Miguel Quiñones, Trinity, The Thirsting, Lui-Jay somos 3, The Sun and Keila Moreno.

“Eis-me aqui” from Missionário Shalom 

Amongst the attractions, an emphasis is given to the ministry “Missionário Shalom”, a Brazilian pop rock band who for twenty years have evangelised through music, who released the hits “Eis-me aqui” and “Parapapa”, followed by music clips especially for the WYD Panama 2019. The band have previously performed at the Madrid (2011), Rio (2013), Krakow (2016) World Youth Days and promise to put on a show that will amaze the young people present. 

Confession and counselling

In addition to the main arena, where the shows will take place, Halleluya Festival will offer the youth the Mercy Space, the heart of the event. At the space, a chapel is built for Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament and the hearing of confession and counselling.

The Halleluya Festival is promoted by the Shalom Community and launched its first edition in Fortaleza in the mid-nineties. In 2018, it gathered more than a million people over five nights of attractions. The Festival is also held in Rio de Janeiro and São Luis. International editions of the Festival have been held in Rome, Israel and the World Youth Days of Madrid, Krakow, and Rio. 


Halleluya Festival at the Youth Festival

Location: St. John Bosco stage, at Francisco Arias Paredes Park, between Cuba Avenue and Perú Avenue.

Date: 23rd, 24th, and 25th of January 2019

Attractions: Missionário Shalom, Ana Gabriela, Conexa, de Julie Bailey, Acts of the Apostles, Masterplan, Fr. Rob, Marisol Carrasco, La Voz Del Desierto, Alfareros, Ministério Cafe7, Miguel Quiñones, Lui-Jay somos 3, Trinity, The Thirsting, The Sun and Keila Moreno.


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