“Live SH” for all people 


The Shalom Catholic Community, during this time where most churches are closed, offers a daily schedule so that new churches can be opened in people’s homes. Missionaries spread throughout the world organise talks, courses and prayer that make up the schedule titled “Live SH”, so that Jesus can come into your house everyday. You can take part in our programmes everyday, in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. 

Check out our schedule:

Live SH [English]

YouTube: Shalom Catholic Community | Instagram: | Facebook: Shalom Boston

(GMT -4/Boston)

Divine Mercy Chaplet (Facebook)

Everyday | 15:00


Why I do Love Mary – Series of Mary
Mondays | 11 AM


Live at Home (Instagram
Tuesdays | 7 PM 


Hope Series

Live broadcasting YouTube and Facebook
Wednesdays | 7:30 PM


SH Break for prayer

Thursdays | 11 AM


SH Podcast

Friday | 8 AM


Music videos

Saturday | 1 PM


Live SH [Spanish]

YouTube: Comunidad Católica Shalom

(GMT -3/Uruguai)


11:oo | Holy Mass



17:30 | Live Vocacional Shalom 



16:00 | Course / Formation



09:00 | Music

16:00 | Course / Formation



19:00 | Meet-up 



20:30 | Night of Praise 



10:00 | The Life of Mary

Live SH [French]

YouTube: Communauté Catholique Shalom

(GMT +2/Paris)

Holy Mass

Everyday | 11:00


Divine Mercy Chaplet

Everyday | 15:00


Marian Rosary

Everyday | 19:00


Night of Praise

Wednesday | 20:30


Pray with the Word (Lectio Divina)



Live at Home

Weekly Music schedule

Live SH [Italian]

Facebook: Comunità Cattolica Shalom

(GMT +2/Roma)

Holy Mass

Everyday | 18:00


“Word in Music”

Monday | 16:00


Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament

Wednesday | After the Holy Mass


Divine Mercy Chaplet

Everyday | 15:00


Family Prayer

Tuesday e Friday | 21:00

Live SH [Portuguese]

YouTube: Comunidade Católica Shalom

(GMT -3/Brasília)


Everyday | 08:30


Holy Mass

Everyday | 07:15 | 12:00 | 18:00



Everyday | 22:00

Bible Study

Daily Schedule


Courses (Parresia institute)

Daily Schedule


Shalom Hope

Friday, Saturday and Sunday | 21:00


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