Moysés: ‘The Charisma is a talent entrusted to us and we need to multiply it’.

Continuing the sharing on the fruits of the General Council’s Listening Retreat, the founder of the Shalom Community asked the members for fidelity to the inspiration of the Charism.


 “The Charism is like a talent that God gave us, a gift that God gave us so that we can multiply it and put it at the service of humanity,” said Moysés Azevedo. This Monday, August 22nd, the founder of the Shalom Catholic Community continued the formations of the Shalom 40 years Retreat – Listening, directed to the Life and Covenant Community. The virtual meeting, which takes place August 20-23, brings the sharing of what God spoke to the General Council during this year’s Listening Retreat. 

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The founder reinforced that God expects fidelity from each member to the inspiration of the Charism. “The Charism is not static. It is growing, maturing. The Charism is like a fountain and this fountain is always growing, but always faithful to its origin. It cannot be adulterated, because to adulterate it is to lose its richness and the unique fragrance that it has. Fidelity to the Charisma is fidelity to God, to the Church and to humanity, because this Charisma is at the service of the evangelization of all peoples”, he explained. 

Moysés explained that the Church is rich in the diversity of Charisms and from each one God asks a response. “From us the world expects and needs this treasure that we have. If we don’t give what we have received, no one can give it to us.

Shalom 40 years: vigilance to the essential points

Moysés also asked for vigilance in living the essential elements of the Charism. “We need to offer the world the charism in its essence. We transmit it through the incarnation of the charism in our lives,” he reinforced, listing some essential points of the tripod of the shalom vocation: contemplation, unity, and evangelization.

Celibates are fuel for the spousal love of the Community

In the second part of the talk, Moysés pointed out the role of the state of life of celibacy in the community. “Everyone (in Shalom) is a spousal soul of the Lord. Everyone. However we are coming to understand more and more that celibate vocations have a specific mission within the community. It is in the interest of the whole Community and the other states of life to awaken, welcome and cultivate celibate vocations. They attract eternity and its fruits to the life and mission of the Community.

The evening of formation ended with a moment of intercession for the awakening of new celibate vocations within the Community. The retreat continues this Tuesday with the last sharing on the General Council’s Listening Retreat. 


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