My personal experience with Peter and Paul

“I could only see holiness but I forgot to look at the path they had taken”.


Like some people, when looking at St. Peter and St. Paul I saw only: the two columns of the Church, two holy men who gave their lives for the Gospel and for the Church, thus making Peter’s denial and Paul’s persecution details that passed unnoticed. I saw holiness and forgot to look at the path I had taken and that made me see both of them as examples of unreachable holiness.

My experience with these two great saints was through their experience with Jesus, with that detail that passed unnoticed by me. By touching my weakness, inconstancy, my frailties and everything else, I wanted to give up the fight for holiness, but the Lord made me find hope in the lives of these two men. One of them denied the Lord (as I have denied Him so many times); the other persecuted the Church of Christ as I do when I can’t love that brother that is not easy to get along with, but they became saints!

I learned with Paul to fall off the horse, with Peter I learned to cry for my sins and with the two of them I learned to get up based on the experience with the Risen One who passed through the Cross.

These two great saints showed me that the same holiness they achieved, I can also achieve if I keep renewing this experience every day.

Danielle Silva


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