“No better life than this”

Shalom Community promotes campaign against drugs during the month of June in several cities in Brazil.


Drugs are a new form of slavery, says Pope Francis1. This is a reality! So many young people lose their freedom and life when they fall into the trap of chemical dependence, this causes them numerous and serious physical, psychic, emotional, spiritual and social damages.

The “No better life than this” campaign exists from over 10 years and it came from the desire to respond the harsh reality of so many adolescents and young people affected by the scourge of drugs.

This initiative is a sort of preventive and informative way to go against this reality. The missionaries of Shalom Community, the members of prayer groups and other volunteers visit schools and colleges with artistic, sports, and training activities. The goal is to make young people aware of the harm caused by drugs and to offer to those in need a chance to get out of addiction, introducing them into a full and happy life that only God can given only by God.

Shalom Community action in the prevention and treatment of chemical dependents takes place throughout the year through the “Volta Israel” Project (Israel returns P.) which has therapeutic communities for recovering dependents based on the Gospel of Mercy.


Discourse, 11.24.2016

Translation: Jhoanna Climacosa 


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