Park destroyed in the Second World War is Peace celebration stage a week of missions



On Friday, 22, young people from Shalom Community gathered at Szczęśliwicki park in the heart of Warsaw. This modern and pleasant park was built upon the rubble that the Second World War left after destroying 75% of the city. Warsaw was rebuilt and the young people were able to celebrate the peace in this place.

Young from German, Tunisia, France, Brazil, Italy, Israel, Hungary, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador and China, which are part of Shalom Community, were gathered once again for the Holy Mass, the Chaplet of Mercy and the show with Shalom Community members. People who were there had been delighted by the joy that comes from God written in Shalom Community young faces. Dances, songs, smiles and hugs. Again, the dance of friendship joined the people. Polish local people also appeared. Families with children, the elderly, people of all ages were attracted by the  party of peace.

At the sound of ‘Everything in my life changed when I met you. You are, Jesus, the treasure that I always sought ‘ sung in Portuguese and other languages, including Hungarian, everyone were involved by the joy. Hungarian young people showed and proved that animation is in the heart of those who were filled by God’s love. The park overflowed with joy and mercy. No one was excluded, no one left the park without experiencing the Shalom of God.

Raquel Reis



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