People from all over the world watched the show “Sacred – The Musical”

Directly from the Church of the Risen One Who passed through the Cross, in Brazil, the show “Sacred – The Musical” provided people from various countries with an experience of sacredness and beauty.


To continue the construction of the Church of the Risen One Who passed through the Cross, the Shalom Catholic Community held the show Sacred – The Musical. The beauty of the presentation touched the audience by revealing the sacredness that each man and woman carries within themselves. The production, designed exclusively for the digital environment, reached several countries, having been translated into other languages.

The show unravels the story of a woman whose intense pace of life was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is during the isolation in her own home that she discovers the universe within her. First, the young woman is faced with her “things” that often prevent her from overcoming indifference to meet others and their needs. Then, she is invited to trail a new path, exploring areas of her life that were until then unknown.
The musical features unpublished and classic songs that marked the history of the Shalom Vocation. Augusto César, Fábio Lima, Guilherme Pontes, Gustavo Osterno, Mylene Otou, Rafael Morel, Suely Façanha and Thais Oliveira give voice to the songs that help compose the narrative, thrilling the audience with their interpretations. The international version of the show had songs that were also translated in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Donation to the Church

It is still possible to make donations to the Church of the Risen One Who passed through the Cross. Visit and help build this sacred space that will be the source of God’s manifestation among your people. In the Church, men and women from different parts of the world will live the sacraments, depart on mission and express their love for God by saying “yes” to His call in their lives.


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