Pope Francis’ message for WYD: “Young people, be original!”

On the afternoon of Monday(7), the Holy Father spoke to the youth about the upcoming World Youth Day.


Dear young people: 

I am looking at August 2023! A year and a few months away…

I am looking at Portugal, I am looking at Lisbon, I am looking at Fátima, I am looking at meeting all of you… And you, in Portugal and in the various countries, are working as volunteers and looking in the same direction.

It is not easy. It is not easy because we go from crisis to crisis.

We came out of a pandemic crisis, we entered an economic crisis and now we are in the crisis of war, which is one of the worst evils that can happen! 

In the midst of all these crises, you have to prepare and help so that the event of August 2023 be a young event, a fresh event, an event with life, an event with force, a creative event.

Do not live on the returns, on what has been done in the other meetings,” he said. “You have to create the meeting. If you are not creative, if you are not poets, this meeting will not work, it will not be original, it will be a photocopy of other meetings.

I pray for all the young people who are going to participate, either in person or by telematic means. I pray that this meeting may be a fruitful one. May each one of us leave better than we arrived. I ask you, please, to pray for me, because I also need you to support me with prayer.

See you in August!


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