Prayer is efective.


#prayforpeaceFriday it seamed that an American strike on Syria was a matter of time and with or without approval from the congress Mr. Obama was going to do it. Than Prayer happened. Millions of catholics and people of good will, from all over the world gathered upon Pope Francis’ call to pray for peace. After that we have the proposal from Russia of Syrian handing over to international control heir chemical weapons, than almost immediately we have the backing of the UN and on the very same day Syria “welcomes” the proposal. Of course the war hasn’t come to an end and the situation in Syrian is far from resolved but the matter have seen a dramatic change over the weekend because of diplomatic efforts? Also. Because of the letter Pope Francis sent to Mr. Putin? That could have counted. But it would take a lot of skepticism not to connect all of this to prayer.

let us continue to follow our Pastor’s call and keep on in our efforts to #PrayForPeace.


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