SH82: the first Evangelization Center in Rome


The Shalom Catholic Community is ready to inaugurate, December 13 at 9 pm, its first Evangelization Center in Rome, in Via degli Equi 10, in the district of San Lorenzo, a short walk from Termini and the University “La Sapienza”.

The SH82 – the name of the place, which contains the initials of our Community and its date of birth – is about to open its doors. A welcoming place, sparkling, colorful, where boys and girls entering it feel at home.

This is exactly how it was thought: a familiar, youthful, bright place, where especially young people, students, university students, can find a place made for them.

Here there will be recreational activities, events, parties, moments of listening, sharing, relaxation, everything surrounded by music and friendly faces of the missionaries who give their time to make this place special.

This center will be inaugurated on the occasion of the opening of the “Meeting of Shalom Youth – We are a family” that will take place from 13 to 15 December in Rome, and which will see the participation of boys and girls from Italy and Switzerland (Italian part).

We are pleased to invite you to this very special evening, where the joy and the spirit of celebration will make you feel at home.

We are waiting for you!




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