Shalom Carnival Retreat in Bolivia: a 180 ° turn around

It was at an altitude of 416 meters, 20km from the most important and populous city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, from February 25 to 28, the 180 Degree Retreat (180 °) was held, organized by the mission of Shalom Catholic Community whom is in the city since two years, with 4 missionaries from the Community of Life and one from Covenant one.
The 180 Grades event brought together about 80 young Bolivians and 35 volunteers in a retreat house, where for three days they participated into an intense program. In the morning – in a format of camp – the event counted on lectures, praise, adoration, dynamics and games. In the afternoon, the participants did the Seminar in the Holy Spirit, while the volunteers participated in a vocational course.
The Holy Mass was in the evening everyday before the fraternity moment and counted on the first day of celebration with the presence of Auxiliary Bishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Monsignor Rene.
For Tiago Soares, local missionary and seminarian of the Shalom Life Community, the experience of this retreat surpassed their expectations, starting with the number of people enrolled and the grace of God poured out on the young people during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. “They did not only had a strong experience with the love of God, but also discovered their place within the Church that is alive through the Shalom Charism.”
The great reunion of the participants who had a 180 ° turn around in their lives, happens next Saturday March 4 at 17:30 in the House of Shalom Mission to continue the joy that does not pass and walk a path to and from happiness.
“I just want this love and nothing else
With Him I live a 180 degree turn
I do not want to forget me anymore
From the one who made me relive
You took my life off the ground.
I’m in your hands”


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