Shalom Carnival Retreat: Since I made this experience my life changed!

Hello, my name is Larissa Moura, missionary of Shalom Covenant Community in the city of Natal, Brazil. My first experience with the Effusion of the Holy Spirit was during a Shalom Community retreat in the Carnival period of 2012. At that time I lived one of the best phases of my life because I had always dreamed of living in a capital city, studying journalism and living alone. And I was living exactly as I had dreamed. At 19, I felt I was happy to have conquered all this but there was an emptiness within me that I could not understand or fill.
During this time I met two girls who lived near my house and invited me to visit the Shalom Community but I had a very organized life, totally geared towards college and internship and I had no time for God. My pace of life was accelerated I did not allow myself to live the activities that the community did.
In February, when the invitation to the Carnival Retreat came up, I was without excuse to give and accepted the invitation. It was there that God, in his mercy, made me know his love and there convinced me to give him again space so that he could be the great love of my life, and not my professional life.
Since then, my life has changed completely: I decided to deepen my relationship with God by following the Shalom vocational path that made me find my vocation as a Shalom covenant community, serving God as a journalist. Soon after, I was sent for two years as a missionary for the Shalom mission in Lima / Peru, and today, back to my city, I mourn that the voice of God can continue to change the course of my history.


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