Shalom Catholic Community center in the heart of Budapest

HungaRio – Hungary’s gift at Pentecost


This Saturday a new beat starts in the heart of Budapest. After some long years the community is going to open its new center: a new kind of communal place, a youth community center, where people can meet for a coffee, just rest for a bit before hurrying off, play board games in their free moments, have long and serious talks with their friends, and what is more, have a chance to meet God and His love, all in a place whose existence was made possible by God’s Providence.

A new life, a new fire, and a new place

The new center is a gift to the people and it is even more exceptional that the opening is at Pentecost, the time when the Lord sent the Holy Spirit to the people to be reborn in Him and to preach the Gospel with a new fire in them – this is a time when Shalom Catholic Community in Budapest is given a new life, a new fire, and a new place for the evangelization.

Brazilian and Hungarian people working together to proclaim the Lord’s love

The name of the center, HungaRio, is not new for those who’ve met the community in Hungary; for years many events (concerts and parties) have been organized under the name, by now it’s closely related to the community. Hungary and Rio, coined together, represent the mission given by God: Brazilian and Hungarian people working together to proclaim the Lord’s love and mercy to those living in the country and help them meet Jesus.

A new opportunity

The centre will not operate as a café or snack bar, and while some beverages will certainly be available, it is more an open communal center, which there is a lack of in Hungary, this way providing a new opportunity for people to have a meeting point with each other and with God. It will be open every afternoon and evening Mon-Sat. The opening starts at 8 p.m. on 19 May with some live music, testimonies and a reception.

May God keep and help us walk on this way He prepared for us and keep the fire of of Pentecost alive in us.

HungaRio Ifjúsági Központ

Horváth Mihály tér 7.

1082 Budapest


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