Shalom Catholic Community goes to the ends of the digital continent

For Tiago, International Assistant of the Shalom Catholic Community, what has been experienced today “is a very positive experience on our international channels. A new path has been opened up through the virtual world, with a real reach in the lives of people from several nations ”.


The view of all segments – secular and religious – are now turning to the “digital continent”. A place where Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI already announced and invited in his pontificate to be inhabited and evangelized by Christians, especially young people, whom he himself called “digital missionaries”.

“The shepherd must go where the sheeps are. We live in a special time of many restrictions and much suffering in humanity. Therefore, through the media, we can overcome various frontiers and announce the Love of God ”, affirms the International Assistant of the Shalom Catholic Community, Tiago Soares.

In addition to the Portuguese language channel, the Community also has channels in English, Spanish and French. The countries that most access the contents of the channels are Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, United States, France, French Guiana, Hungary, Paraguay, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. Some countries that have also accessed our content: South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Maurice.


Digital missionaries

Young Cleodon Matias and Rainara Barbosa dos Santos are Brazilian missionaries on a mission abroad. He has lived for almost 3 years in Aix Provance, France, and she has been in Boston, United States for five years. Both are now also pioneering evangelization on the digital continent. “There are many graces, but the biggest ones for me have been seeing members of the prayer group who had not participated in our activities for a long time, returning and seeing others thirsty to engage, to be part of our actions”, testifies Rainara.

For Cleodon, one of the graces of this time is to see young French people evangelizing other young people and thus increasing the group’s participation online. In addition, the union between the French-speaking missions has also helped to enhance evangelization. “In this time, as we have been doing everything on the Internet, we have even more esteemed to work together! Seminar on Life in the Holy Spirit, Thirds of Mercy, Thirds of Mary, Prayer Groups, Nights of Praise, Lives of Music, etc. It’s really been really good. When we work together, we have greater strength ”, he says.

The English-speaking channel that involves the missions of America, Europe and Asia also took advantage of the isolation time for joint actions on YouTube and social networks. “We have projects to make a leap in our activities with daily actions, creation of a podcast and training playlists”, says Rainara.


A new way

Although personal contact and the famous “eye to eye” is also essential in the process of evangelization, for Tiago what has been experienced today “is a very positive experience on our international channels. A new path has been opened up through the virtual world, with a real reach in the lives of people from several nations ”.

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