Shalom Catholic Community is on the way to a new missionary house in the french capital, Paris.


On the solemn Corpus Christi Day, June 18th, Fr. Cristiano Pinheiro – Shalom Catholic Community International Assistant – and Amanda Pinheiro – the future Local Responsible of the first Shalom house in Paris – visited the work in progress of the new Shalom Catholic Community foundation in France, in its capital, the City of Light, “Ville Lumière”, Paris.

The new house installation is part of the structures of Our Lady of the Holy Cross of Ménilmontant Church (Église Notre-Dame-de-la-Croix de Ménilmontant) in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

Fr. Stéphane Palaz – the current parish priest – has carried out a common project for two years that seeks to create a new structure to establish the Community and to open a new place for the evangelization in this busy and multicultural quarter.
The works are underway, a major reform to prepare the Communal Residence – male and female residences for Shalom Catholic Life missionaries – and the future “Evangelizing Cafè”. The café will be called “Chez moi”(my place).
“The Chez Moi Café aims to be like a home, a familiar space, an evangelizing open window to welcome everyone.” said Fr. Cristiano who has worked in this project since 2015.
Ménilmontant has a multicultural neighborhood with rich and poor, French and immigrants and people of different faiths and political view. God is calling his ministers of unity and peace to build bridges by sharing the Gospel of Joy.

Amanda Pinheiro – Shalom catholic missionary in France for almost 15 years – said: “It is amazing to see God’s guidance calling us to be in such missionary presence in France; we have missionary houses in Toulon, Avignon, Evry (Massy) and in Aix-en-Provence and now we are going to France capital after Shalom Convention in September. The Chez Moi Café is going to open in december of this year.


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