Shalom Catholic Community opens a new house in Rome




               On Saturday, 15th October 2016, in the southern part of the Italian capital, in the surroundings of Torvegata University, Shalom Catholic Community opened a new mission house. Reverend Javier Martínez Fernández, archbishop of Granada/Spain, presided over the celebration of the dedication and opening of the new house. On the day the Catholic Church celebrates the memory of St Teresa of Avila, protagonist of many foundations, a new mission starts at Peter’s feet in order to extend the evangelizing mission of the Church through the Shalom Charisma.

               The main aims of the new mission house are: to promote and to maintain the Philosophy and Theology studies of some of our missionaries, who are life community members and also to host the International Office of the Shalom Community.

               Life and covenant community missionaries, from the Shalom Community house situated in Central Rome were present at the ceremony, besides friends, neighbours, local clergy authorities, such as Monsenhor Franco Todisco, parish priest of Romanina Region, and the founders of Accendi la Speranza Foundation, Valter and Maria Falchetti, owners of the building and benefactors of the project which maintains the missionaries of this new mission house. They both take part in the Shalom Work in Rome.

               Bishop Javier arrived with Herika Fernandes, responsible for the Shalom mission in Granada and also Professor Guzman Carriquiry, a very good friend of the Community. He is the secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, the first lay person to be appointed for this role in the Holy See.

               The chapel of the new mission house, which was built and sponsored by Accendi la Speranza Foundation, was too small to welcome everyone due to the large number of people who attended. The Blessed Sacrament was enthroned in an atmosphere of deep joy and gratitude to God, for another sacred space was opened to be an oasis of peace and mercy in the “Eternal City”.

               Bishop Javier expressed his gratitude for everything that the Shalom Community has done in his diocese and in the world. Sharing his own experience with the Shalom Charisma as a source of hope for the Church in Europe, he concluded his homily: “Come on, we need you. Europe is ageing! It is a great joy for me to take part in this moment of grace”.

               After mass, we had a moment of fraternity and communion with food and drinks while people had the opportunity to visit all parts of the house and to witness God’s providence that continues to act in time for those who “eagerly await the manifestation of the sons of God” (Rm 8:19). Valter and Maria Falchetti concluded by saying: Thank God for the “yes” of each of these Shalom missionaries, who left their homes, their parents, brothers, sisters, friends, work and studies to follow Thee. Lord, you give them to us so that through them we are taken to You! Blessed are those who come in the name of the Lord!




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