Shalom Community at MEKT

Felipe Bezerra presents Shalom Community

From 22 to 24 November took place in Sarajevo the Mekt conference (Mitteleuropäischen Katholikentag – Central European Catholic Day) a meeting that was attended by representatives of the youth sector of episcopal conferences in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as representative guests such as Pablo Manuel Vilareal from Youcat , Father João Chagas from the youth sector of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, Fr Michel Remery of European episcopal Conference among others.
The theme was ” Faith – Facebook – Face ” and sought a dialogue about the importance of living the faith, witness it on social networks and face to face meetings. The Shalom community was represented by Felipe Bezerra, Covenant Community in Vienna, and Anderson Silva, Life Community in Budapest and was attended by Father João who came as a representative of the PCL.
We were invited to one of the 8 workshops called ” Best practices ” and there, explain the presence of the Catholic Community Shalom in the digital continent. The presentation was in English and lasted about an hour, 45 minutes of explanation and 15 minutes of questions and answers.
The presence of the brothers of the Community was a great sign of unity with the church in central Europe, in addition to make us known and present our availability to join forces in the evangelization of young people in these countries we could also learn about the challenges and victories in the evangelization of young people in these countries .


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