Shalom Community helps on the Seminarians formation in Portugal


The Shalom Catholic Community has been invited by the rector of Saint Paul Seminary, Mr. Rui Teixeira, to be part of the professors’ board for the school year 2018/2019, at the Diocese of Setubal in Portugal, with the Community Local Authority, Messias Albano, who teaches the course of Human Formation.

Messias has entered the Shalom Community at 20 years of age. He is graduated in Philosophy and has become a consecrated lay member of the Community with perpetual vows of celibacy, dedicating his whole life to the religious service. The course works in four modules to cover the way of “Ordo Amoris”, that is essentially the self-knowledge of the human being, an experience of healing of their self-image through an encounter with themselves and with God.

Fr. Carlos Silva highlights the contribution of the Community and privileges the reading of the life history of each seminarian, “The person is confronted with the vocation that they have or don’t have for the Priesthood”. And he also highlights he believes by this way it is possible to fill up certain kind of “fragilities” or “gaps” in a more effective way and in “proper time”.

The Saint Paul Seminary of Almada is composed of 15 seminarians, 3 of them are part of the preparatory years, which it is like “zero year” that precedes the beginning of their academic studies in the course of Theology.


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