Shalom Community in the opening concert of the week of missions in Warsaw


‘FAITH. HOPE. CHARITY ‘was the theme of the great and joyful concert that Warsaw has prepared to welcome the participants of the week of missions in the parishes. This great artistic concert took place on the evening of Thursday 21, at 7.30pm, local time, on Piłsudskiego Square. A crowd of tens of thousands of young people from around the world attended the event, including the young pilgrims of the Shalom Catholic Community,  in addition to residents of Warsaw and nearby regions.

More than 200 artists from around the world and from Poland presented in the multi-platform stage designed specifically for this event. The performers were accompanied by a famous Polish orchestra and a large choir of students and military officers.

Shalom Community and Wiarygodni band introduced the main acts of the night performing a time with praise and prayer songs. The concert was broadcast by the main television station in Poland.

The event ended with the artists singing the theme song of World Youth Day 2016 ‘Blessed are the merciful’ in unison with the pilgrims and guests.

Shalom Community young pilgrims enjoyed this great moment of sharing and joy they said how it was special to participate in such a beautiful event. They feel very welcomed by the people of Warsaw who prepares every moment with great affection. Thanks Warsaw for FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY concert!

On Friday 22, the day will be a diving in Divine Mercy, the programming includes the third of mercy and deepening of lectures on Divine Mercy. At night, the youth of the Shalom Community of Budapest, Hungary, will present a show with the artists of the Shalom Community who came to World Youth Day.



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