Shalom Community is counting the days for the great celebration of its 35th anniversary in Rome with Pope Francis


2017 has barely begun and the members of Shalom Community are already counting the days for the great celebration of thanksgiving for its 35th anniversary in September in Rome at the Shalom Convention 35years. There will be 10 days of activities, conferences, shows, pilgrimage to Assisi, International Youth Congress and a moment of meeting with the Holy Father, Pope Francis, where the whole community will renew its promises of life offer.

The Shalom Convention is an event not only for the Shalom Community but open to the whole Church, so anyone who wishes can participate by making their registration through the Shalom35years website available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian where you can check the entire schedule.

The foresight is that more than 3000 persons will participate of the event. Families, young persons, children, the whole great family Shalom, made of missionaries spread in several parts of the world that already start to confirm the their presence.

The date of Shalom Community foundation is celebrated on July 9, and at all the places where the Community serves the Church will have celebrations to thank God for this historical day where a small group of young people opened a snack bar to evangelize other young people in 1982 and in this great adventure where Shalom Charisma blossomed. In fact the founder Moyses Azevedo points the historical moment of the foundation on July 9 of two years before, in 1980, when he offered his own life as a gift for the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II,  in the name of all the young people during the mass of the National Eucharistic Congresso, in Fortaleza, Brazil.



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