Shalom in WYD Lisbon 2023: Check our shalom pilgrim packages!

Pope Francis, Bishop Américo, the Shalom Youth and the whole Church are waiting for you in Lisbon. Are you ready for this experience? Have you already started to organize yourself to go? Keep calm, choose the package that best suits you and participate with us as a shalom family! 


In less than 260 days the World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 will begin! The Shalom Catholic Community has already prepared exclusive packages for the young people who want to participate in WYD. The expectation is that the Community will take two thousand young people to the event, which will be held from August 1 to August 6 2023. 


It is a tradition of the event to hold the “pre-WYD” or “days in the dioceses”, which is a meeting that precedes the week of WYD and consists of the integration of young people coming from all over the world in parish communities, in the various dioceses of the country and, in some cases, in dioceses of neighboring countries. The Shalom Youth will live this missionary week in Braga from July 26th to 31st.

About the comshalom package

“We want to offer everything that WYD gives ‘right’ to: lodging, food, transportation, travel insurance because we want to support the SH Pilgrim in every way, whether for Pre-WYD or just for WYD. As a Shalom Community, we want to give a plus!, that is why we are offering the Shalom Kit at WYD, with items that can be exchanged with other pilgrims, and things that identify us as Shalom Youth, “explains the missionary Bertrand Wadi, responsible for evangelization and formation of youth in the Community. He also adds that the package is available for all those who wish to go with Shalom to Lisbon, even if they do not participate in the Shalom Work (prayer groups or shalom activities).

All Together

The Shalom Community has the tradition of gathering all the Shalom Youth from around the world in a meeting right after the end of WYD. The All Together, International Encounter of Shalom Youth, will take place on August 7 and will be attended by the founders of the Shalom Community, Moysés Azevedo and Emmir Nogueira. The program includes moments of praise, worship, preaching, and a show. “Usually during the event Moysés summarizes the Pope’s message at WYD for us, shalom young people”, explains Bertrand. And those who purchase the package with the community will be able to participate in this moment with all the Shalom Youth.

Check out the following Shalom packages for WYD 2023:

A: PRE-WYD + WYD = €435

(Travel period – July 26th – August 08th 2023)

In this package besides participating in the WYD in Lisbon and the All Together after WYD, the person will have the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Braga on July 26-31 for the missionary week leading up to WYD.

Includes:  Travel Insurance + Pre-WYD Registration + WYD Registration (A1+) + Pilgrim Kit SH + All Together + Food* + Accommodation + Transfer Lisbon/Braga + Transport (during WYD)

*On August 8 only breakfast is included.


(Travel period – July 31st – August 08th 2023)

In this category, the registration will be made for the youth to stay in accommodation, which will be in churches, family homes and / or other places that the organization designates. In addition, they will have vouchers or cards for food and transportation during the entire event and also during the All Together.

Includes: Travel Insurance + WYD Registration (A1+) + Pilgrim Kit SH + All Together + Food* + Accommodation + Transport (during WYD) 

*On July 31st only dinner is included 

*On August 8th only breakfast is included



Shalom in WYD Lisbon 2023

Date: August 01 to 06

Place: Lisbon, Portugal

More information:




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