Shalom International Online Prayer Group: spreading the Charisma Shalom around the world

Young people from different parts of the world share what it is like to be part of the Shalom International Online Prayer Group.

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I never thought that this prayer group could have such a profound effect on my daily life. This is the place where I have found my ultimate solace in prayer and worship, weekly preaching, and brotherly love among its members. In this prayer group I built a closer relationship with God through the Lectio Divina and my daily prayer began to be organized. I listened to the whisperings and plans of God in my personal monthly once-a-month accompaniment which greatly helped me to re-evaluate my daily life and my relationships with others. Honestly I look forward to this prayer group every week! although this prayer group is conducted online, the power of God and brotherly love among its members is very much felt. It also opens a new way of evangelising and spreading the Charisma Shalom around the world. And most importantly I found my vocation through this prayer group too! Praise be to God!

Sham, Malaysia


My name is Mariel Wall.  I’m a 27 year old Mexican. I met the Shalom Community in Panama City while I was a World Youth Day International Volunteer. I have been part of the online prayer group for almost a year.  In this time I have discovered the beauty of prayer, this perfect encounter with the Lord that has given me peace and a deep faith experience. I used to pray, lying in my bed before going to sleep.  I prayed an Our Father and a Hail Mary and that was all the time I spent with God.

I have a serious problem focussing and paying attention to only one thing, because my head is always thinking, even in prayer.  When I started to pray and follow the steps of Lectio Divina, I won’t lie it was very difficult. I started with 30 minutes and without a schedule. The first change I did to be more constant in prayer was to define a time to get up and begin my day speaking with Jesus. After 7 months, now I can say that I pray every day for 40-50 minutes. That’s awesome, I have never done it before! Sometimes it’s hard for me to concentrate, but with perseverance and confidence in our Lord everything is possible.

Mariel, Mexico


Magnificat, Shalom Online Prayer Group deepens my self awareness and experience with God and my vocation, through the Shalom Charism. It’s been one year since our first official meeting, and what a blessing it has been. In 2019 I was faced with a major life changing decision to leave full time youth ministry, but God gave me this great gift and reminded me that even though I felt hurt by my Archdiocese, I still belong to God and His Church. I belong to Shalom! Through the support of my mentor and growing life of prayer, I have since reconciled with the Archdiocese and am in the Shalom Vocational Path. Who is like our God? He calls, He heals, He restores, He protects, He desires and most importantly, He loves! I am Your servant, living a life for You, trying to be humble, led only by You! Thank you Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Kerishe, Jamaica


I am Shafqat Emmanuel from Pakistan, a Lecturer, Youth Trainer and Motivational Speaker. Being part of Shalom Community, I feel myself in truly a Divine phase of my life. During this time I pondered upon my weaknesses and turned them into my strengths that could be utilized to serve among many people around the universe being a Catholic Missionary. Shalom Community has brought a very constructive change in my life to think differently using different approaches in strengthening my Catholic Faith and a positive attitude towards my life. Besides, I feel myself more calm and composed to carry out my volunteer services and even urged me spiritually to serve more effectively and with perseverance as a Catholic Missionary in Pakistan. I sincerely thank and pay my heartfelt gratitude to Shalom Community by accepting me as a lay missionary from Pakistan.

Emmanuel, Pakistan



I look forward to Sunday mornings because I begin my day and week with the Shalom International Online Prayer Group.  I like being able to pray with and befriend Catholics from all over the world. We can talk about our lives and our struggles.  The music is just lovely. We have very meaningful talks and are blessed to have amazing guest speakers. The Bible study helped me develop a routine and grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  My latest challenge is to remember the birthdays of everyone in the group.

Carmela, Vancouver


If you want to know more and join the online prayer group you can get in contact with one of us by the email: vocations@comshalom.org.


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