Shalom members use creativity to come together and pray online

The online prayer groups reinforce the presence of hope in each home.

Jovens usam a criatividade para se encontrar e rezar na internet

The Church’s routine has changed in many countries around the world due to the current coronavirus epidemic. Masses, pastoral meets, ministries and prayer groups were cancelled to prevent social gatherings. To help the faithful during the time of quarantine, communities, priests, and even lay people have began to use the internet as a way to evangelise and to maintain the fraternal life among its members. The members of the Shalom Catholic community also got involved in this movement the challenge of isolation was overcome by video calls and live streams.

Creativity to maintain fraternity

The online prayer groups have reinforced the presence of hope inside each home, in the case of the youngster, Leticia Gabrielle, who lives in Fortaleza, Ceará. “During the current times where we are facing so many difficult challenges, to be able to live my apostolate even if it is by video and to pray together even if it is through social media, has brought a new hope, a new faith, in knowing that everything will turn out well and placing everything into God’s hands, He will conquer”. She met online with the other members of her apostolate last week Wednesday, 18th March.

“It is incredible to be able to be in communion even while being far from each other! I believe that this Lenten period that we are living is exactly what Jesus lived during His 40 days in the desert, a time of aloneness, difficulties, and pain, but we have been graced with the opportunity to be together online and to cross the desert as a community towards the new life that is to come. We have been praying the rosary everyday together and this has brought me a lot of peace and hope that better days are coming and that God is caring for us and for the whole world. The daily prayer brings us back to ourselves so that we are able to meet with God. God hears His people’s clamours and it is wonderful to be able to shout and give praises to Him, even when we are so far away from each other”, shares Aline, a young member of the prayer group in Rome.

The young Pedro Ítalo also experienced this. “It was strange at first, but with the passing of time, and patience, everything began to fall into place, the way of praying, the interaction with the coordinator, it comes to show just how well technology can work for things like this, and above all, how God never abandons us! It was an awesome experience!”


Translation: Gabriela Gois


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