Shalom pilgrim to WYD Lisbon

What is to be a SH pilgrim? What to do to become one?


The biggest youth meeting in the world is approaching. Encounters with other cultures, faith renewal, new friendships are just some of the experiences that await Shalom pilgrims.

Some of the previous editions

In WYD 2019, held in Panama, the SH pilgrims, in addition to participating in all the official program of the event, experienced six days of preparation in Costa Rica, in the so-called Pre-WYD. The first part of the pilgrimage is an immersion in the culture of the country that welcomes them with space to get to know the typical artistic manifestations, dance, music, in addition to the history and language of the host people.

In the Panamanian edition, the SH pilgrims were hosted at the University of Panama and from there they departed for the Catecheses, the central acts of WYD with young people from around the world and Pope Francis, the Halleluya Festival and the All Together. 

The Shalom pilgrims arrived in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, on July 19 or 24, 2016. In Warsaw, they participated in pre-WYD, with various events prepared by the Archdiocese of the city. Afterwards, they left for Krakow, where WYD was held. 

For WYD 2013, held in the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the SH pilgrims also had a very special program in addition to the official activities planned.

What awaits us at WYD in Lisbon?

The theme of WYD in Lisbon is “Mary got up and went in haste” (Luke 1:39), and it will take place August 1-6, 2023. As is the tradition of the event, the Pre-WYD or “days in the dioceses,” which is a meeting that precedes the week of WYD, will take place from July 26-31 in the city of Braga, in the far north of Portugal, known as the “Portuguese Rome,” a title that refers to its origins linked to the Roman Empire, a city rich in culture and religiosity, where we will prepare for our great meeting in Lisbon.

Our packages 

Every Shalom Mission around the world offers exclusive packages for you who want to go with us to World Youth Day 2023. Check out this list below with the contacts of each mission. Find the one closest to you and join us!

London @shalominlondon +44 7584 024854
Krakow @shalom_krakow +48 884 653 920
Warszawa @shalomwarszawa +48 791 621 109
Dublin @shalomdublin +353 83 076 1933
Rome @shalom.roma +39 389 107 0356
Toronto @shalomtoronto +1 647 685 7880
New York @shalomnewyork +1 929 582 9073
Boston @shalom.boston +1 857 381 8281
Aix-en Provance @shalomaix +33 766319715
Paderborn @shalomdeutschland +49 1523 7656151
Grenada @shalom.granada +34 607 75 50 58
Mozambique @shalom_mocambique +258 84 795 8630
Lubango @shalomangolaa +244 940 816 210
Setúbal @shalomsetubal +351 936 657 172
Braga @shalombraga +351 938 791 029
Haifa @salam.haifa.holyland +972 54 684 5458
Nazareth @shalomnazareth +972 58 628 9618



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