Shalom releases album “I’m burning with love” in four languages

With songs of praise, prayer, supplication to the Holy Spirit and also liturgical, “I’m burning with love” has already touched those who listen.


The new Shalom Catholic Community music album is called “I’m burning with love”. With the mission of spreading the vocation through music, the album, which was produced in France, Italy and Brazil, can already be considered an instrument of international evangelization. It is available on digital platforms in four languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish).

Responsible for the project, missionary Elica Melo explains that music can come in different cultures and languages. Proof of this is that the album Divine Heart in Spanish reached the ears of a priest who coordinates a choir in Cuba. According to Elica, the priest was very fond of the songs because, while they are modern, they are beautiful and solemn.

With songs of praise, prayer, supplication to the Holy Spirit and also liturgical, “I’m burning with love” has already touched those who listen. Emanuela Cardoso, who is on a mission in the city of London, England, shares, while listening to the album, especially the music of Our Lady. “It’s much more than a CD released, it’s a prophecy, a promise of God, especially in English-speaking countries,” she says.

For all peoples!

Father Cristiano Pinheiro, Keciane Lima, Guilherme Pontes, Justine Lafferrière and other community singers participated in the recordings. In addition, members of Shalom Work from different countries contributed to the project. The young Italian Valentina Ricci had the opportunity to participate in the album in her mother tongue.

“For me, participating in the recording of the CD in Italian was certainly a great gift. A great gift to lend my voice and sing one of my favorite songs. It is exciting to think that so many people will pray through the song that I sang through my voice. I have been in the community for a short time and to me it is also a message of trust from the community. I feel very happy about it! I thank God and thank the Community who, with this album, in other languages, testifies how truly this international Shalom Charisma is to all people! I hope soon to sing again to the Lord. Shalom!”

Where to listen?

“I’m burning with love” is available on App Cantai SH and other digital platforms in English, Italian, French and Spanish. To listen, just download the app.

Cantai SH app – more than music, date!

iOS [iPhone]

Android [PlayStore]

Translation: Jhoanna Climacosa


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