Shalom Retreat for Priests 2018

Every year, the Shalom Catholic Community organizes a spiritual retreat for priests from various dioceses, congregations and places in Brazil and around the world. They have the opportunity to deepen his relationship with God.


The seventh edition of the Shalom Retreat for Priests will take place from November 12th to 16th, 2018, at the St. Therese Retreat House in Fortaleza, Brazil. Talks, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, daily mass, liturgy of the hours and moments of fraternity are part of the program. The founder and general moderator of the Shalom Catholic Community, Moyses Azevedo and the co-founder Emmir Nogueira as well Father Denys Lima, missionary of the Community of Life and Priests Sector coordinator of the Community are going to conduct the retreat.

Father Gustavo Cinne took part of the last meeting and testified: “The retreat helped me to review my path and to notice that something was missing in my life. I did not come here because I felt weak or because my life was bad. In reality, it was one of the best years of my ministry, however, this meeting made me realize that in many times on my service as a priest I have lived having little intimacy with God.”

From Bahia, Fr Edson was also a participant and declared: “The retreat is a blessing of God in the life of a priest. Because of facing daily challenges in the pastoral life, we often neglect some aspects of live: spiritual, emotional and relational …  So, it was a real renewal in the spirit and in my life of prayer,  renewal of God’s calling in my missionary and diocesan work. I believe that all priests could have this gift in order to live this opportunity to meet God and be renewed in faith and to gain fresh strength for serving in all our daily callings as elected by God.

Father Jefferson Correa was well pleased with the benefits and blessings of the meeting and stated: “Last December I celebrated my fourth anniversary of priesthood and, by the grace of God, I could participate for the third time of this retreat. It does not pretend to reinvent the wheel, in other words, to build a new road, but with a lot of simplicity to lead us to God. For me it was a moment of fortification where I could find myself again in my choice for God and become aware of his election for me.


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