Shalom Vocational Path


Caminho Vocacional

“If it burns in your heart the Shalom Charisma, this is your path to God and to holiness. Don’t be afraid to offer your life to Christ, to the Church, to the poor and to mankind!”     – Moyses Azevedo, founder of Shalom Catholic Community

If you wish to follow a new path of vocational discernment within the Shalom Community, if you feel an attraction or even a divine appeal to give yourself to the Kingdom of God according to our vocation, you should enrol in a vocational group at the nearest city where Shalom Community is present or get in touch with the Vocational Assistance to start a distance vocational path.

The Vocational Path has a minimum duration of one year, starting with the Open Vocational which is the first vocational meeting of the year that usually takes place in the month of March in the city where the Community is present. After this first meeting, the second step is to go through the Vocational Interview where the candidate will be accompanied by a missionary member of Shalom who will listen and discern if it is the proper time to start a vocational process within the Community.

The person on the vocational path participates in monthly meetings in order to deepen his call through a life of intimacy with God, the Community’s spiritual and formative itinerary, the Way of Peace, by diving in the knowledge about the Shalom Charisma and other aspects such as being part of the Church, being a missionary and living a fraternal life.

Throughout the vocational year, the person is also called to have a 30 days experience living as a Life Community member or a 2 months living as a Covenant Community member. This experience is an opportunity to maturate the call that God gives to each person. The Vocational Assistance also promotes two retreats: one to deepen this listening and discernment (usually in August or September) and a final vocational retreat (usually in December or January).

Each vocational candidate is assisted and guided by a Vocational Companion. This companion is a missionary member of Shalom whom, with the Lord’s help, will discern if there is a genuine Shalom vocation sprouting up and if it’s the right time (in terms of spiritual and human maturity) to move forward towards becoming a Shalom member as a Postulant either as Life Community or Covenant Community.

If you have more enquiries or want to get in touch with the Vocational Assistance, do not hesitate to contact us on: 


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