“The Shalom Work is a work that is born in the merciful heart of Christ as joyful instruments of God’s love and mercy” – Moysés Azevedo

Members of the covenant and life community, prayer group participants and all those who incarnate in their lives, in the heart of the world and in the heart of the Church, the Word of God and from it live and witness the Gospel today, participate in the Shalom work. Those who make this experience begin a path, the Way of Peace, and from the growth of this experience, become mature men and women in Christ. To grow in grace, in knowledge, to grow in this transformation from inside out, through the power of the Risen One who died on the Cross, the Prince of Peace, draws them to Him, placing each one on a path of transformation, recreation, regeneration and of transfiguration.

At each one’s own pace, through the force of this experience, walk alongside the others, allowing themselves to be attracted and transformed by Him, a new man, a new woman, new people emerge, transformed and recreated, people willing to witness a new work that the Lord does in the life of each person individually and collectively.

The Shalom Work, no longer lives for itself, but for God and for others. This is the way of life. This is the secret of life. This is peace. This is Shalom. This is the happiness that God has prepared for humanity, it becomes an ardent perfume, the best of what was created in each one of us.