Shalom Youth Congress in Latin America


Hundreds of young people from Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Panama stepped away from their countries this weekend on May 18th to 20th to take part in an extraordinary event in the capital of Uruguay. The Shalom Youth Congress of Latin America is a sneak preview before the next World Youth Day in Panama where there will be moments of prayer, sharing and talks in order to reflect on Faith and Vocational Discernment accompanied by the words the angel said to the Virgin Mary: “Do not fear Mary, because you have found grace in front of God” which are the theme of the event.

Moyses Azevedo, founder of Shalom Catholic Community, Gabriella Dias, the Apostolic Assistant of the community, Vitor Aragão, coordinator of Shalom Youth Advisory, Msgr. Milton Troccoli, auxiliary bishop of Montevideo and Cardinal Daniel Sturla, Archbishop of Montevideo are the main speakers in the congress. Furthermore, there will be also musical attractions such as Missionario Shalom band and Conexao Shalom band.

“In this year of 2018 the Church expresses in a special way its love and, we can say, that particular choice that the heart of Jesus has made for young people. That’s why in this synodal year, as the pope likes to say, in this synodal journey, where the Church invites young people to walk together with it, we decided to organize the Youth Congress so that under the mantle of the Virgin Mary we can renew, in the strength of the Shalom charisma, the experience of faith deepening the call of God in the life of each one”. Moyses Azevedo

Shalom Youth Congress in Latin America

Colegio y Liceo Maturana , Boulevard General Artigas, 4365.



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