Shalom Youth volunteers at San Lorenzo Center

“The Shalom Work is a work that is born in the merciful heart of Christ as merry instruments of love and mercy of God” – Moysés Azevedo

Centro San Lorenzo

In the Shalom Community, young people are protagonists of the Work of God. In all services, they actively participate with joy and enthusiasm in the Work of God thus enabling it to manifest: and it has been so since the first years of the foundation. Therefore, for the new service that Shalom Community was called to realize at the San Lorenzo International Center in the Vatican, two young women from Shalom Work of Hungary and France were sent to collaborate in the construction of this new apostolate: Maylis Vigoureux, 25, who comes from the mission of Aix-Provence and Eszter Jankovszki, 28, from Budapest.

“I came to serve God and also because I wanted to share my life with others. Give for free what I received for free. I am very happy with the strong experience I have with God through daily intercession and the encounter with the young people who pass by.” Eszter

“I came because I had in my heart the desire to follow Jesus. I did not have much choice after meeting him, I could stay alone on the mountain or follow him. In the Center I found the cross of WYD and the Holy Mother of God in the prayer of the rosary, I met people who carry this cross every day to the young people, here also I found hope through the experience with the Synod of Bishops on behalf of the young people of the whole world.”  Maylis

They participate in the Shalom Work: members of Life and Covenant Community, participants of prayer groups and all those who incarnate in their lives, in the heart of the Church and in the heart of the world the Word of God and from it live and witness the Gospel in our time. Those who make this experience enter in the path, the Way of Peace, and from the growth of this experience, become mature men and women in Christ.




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