Shalom’s Healing Mass on Hoxton square in London

The Shalom in London began the Advent season with its 3rd Healing mass held at St.Monica’s Parish in Hoxton Square. The Healing Mass was a blessing from the start, with a little over 100 people coming from numerous parishes after having picked up a leaflet or being invited by a friend.


The mass was celebrated at St Monica’s Catholic Church by the parish priest Fr. Gabriel, OSA, who said a beautiful homily related to Mark 4 – Jesus calms the storm. He reiterated that to God nothing is impossible, the foundation of our trust must be placed on that realisation and as for healing to happen our hearts must be opened to God’s wonders.

The mass was concluded by the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, where before our Lord the assembly asked for healing, praying for all those who are sick, for the poor and for those who are in dispair. Those at mass were invited to come forward and receive prayer, and with the whole church in deep prayer Our Lord manifested Himself in many ways.

From the last two healing masses there were people returning to God by attending Shalom’s prayer group and sharing their experience with the Lord, and we hope that this time many more will join us to celebrate the wonders of God in our lives.
The next healing mass will be held on the 2nd of March 2018 – 19:30 at St. Monica’s Parish, Hoxton Square.


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