Sister Cristina and 11 other musical acts perform at Halleluya Festival


cristina11Sister Cristina and the bands Glorious and The Sun are some of the main attractions of the Halleluya Integrated Arts Festival part of the program of the Youth Festival of World Youth Day 2016. The event is free and takes place on 27, 28 and July 29, from 2pm, in Szczepanski square, in Kraków’s old town, less than three kilometers from the main stage, at the Blonia Park.

The show ‘The Song of Irias, on July 27, opens the festival. The “Song of Irias” is a musical that has been presented in more than 20 countries by Shalom Catholic Community , organizer of Halleluya Festival. In all, the event will present 11 acts between music, theater and dance, in different languages such as English, Polish, French, Portuguese and Italian. The expectation is to gather a daily audience of 7,000 pilgrims from different nationalities.

Cristina Scuccia, now worldwide known as Suor Cristina, will perform on the last day of Halleluya Festival, July 29. The Ursulina religious gained fame after winning the Italian Edition of The Voice. With songs like ‘No One’ of Alicia Keys, and a speech which quoted words of Pope Francis about using our gifts to go out and evangelize, the italian religious won the hearts of the jury and the public, especially young people.

According the Shalom Life-community missionary, Helano Balogun, coordinator of Halleluya Festival, the main Halleluya’s message for young people is that life with God is worth living. “Live the youth in the presence of God is to develop all the strengths and virtues and find the full force and the true joy”.

About the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, whose theme is the center of the journey, Helano says: “Through Halleluya we want to communicate that God’s love do not have measures, does not make comparisons, but welcomes all, accept, love and launches us in a youth full of dynamism”.

In addition to music programming, the festival also features the ‘Space of Mercy’, with priests available for confession and a chapel with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Another space in Halleluya is the  ‘Making Noise’, a cultural space with workshops of confession, prayer, sharing and witness of evangelization experiences among the artists of the event and the pilgrims of WYD.


Halleluya Festival event started in 1995 in Brazil as an initiative among the young people of Shalom Catholic Community. Initially it was called “Trifest”, a reference to its three days length, and the intention was to offer a Christian event to the young people of Fortaleza city: three days of music, artistical performances and evangelization. Soon, the inspiration grew into what is now widely known as the Halleluya Festival.

Theatrical performance, music, dance and much more are combined on the stage of Halleluya Festival. The aim: to announce the Love and Mercy of God in a new and creative way. Born among the young people as an expression of the new evangelization, the Festival seeks to offer them a healthy entertainment with the possibility of receiving a joy that does not pass, this is where its slogan comes from, “the feast that never ends”.

Beyond the main stage where all artistical performances takes place, the event has two other thematic areas: Cultural Arena and Mercy Area.


In order to promote cultural exchange between young people, the Festival has a cultural arena. A variety of activities takes place in this area such as short lectures on how to make a good confession, moments of prayer and the sharing of personal experience of faith, with its graces and challenges, are also encouraged among the young people from all over the world. Christian artists are also invited to share their own experiences of evangelization.

071MERCY AREA – The heart of Halleluya

All the artistic resources in Halleluya Festival are used as a way to promote an authentic experience with God’s mercy. That is why the Mercy Area is the heart of Halleluya. In this area, people can find many confessionals for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and a Chapel with the Blessed Sacrament exposed.

Throughout the day, many performances takes place in the event, however, beauty and arts give way to its source: Jesus Christ, present in the Blessed Sacrament that gets on the stage of Halleluya every day. During this moment, a silent crowd adores Jesus in the Eucharist, an experience of Heaven on earth that have been witnessed by many people in all previous editions of Halleluya Festival.


Shalom Catholic Community was born in 1982, in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil, when a group of young people who wanted to evangelize other youngs who were away from the Church, created a snack bar, called “Shalom Snack Bar”. They had no idea that this was just part of God’s greater plan as, exactly two years before its inauguration, the founder of Shalom Community, Moyses Azevedo, was asked by his local Bishop to represent the youth of his city by giving a gift to the Pope on the occasion of his pontifical visit to Fortaleza in 1980. After praying and discerning, Moyses decided to write a letter to Pope John Paul II offering his life for the evangelization of the youth. This was just the beginning of God’s new work.

Today, Shalom Catholic Community is recognized by the Church as an International Association of the Faithful, and is part of what the Church calls as “new communities”. The Community serves the Church through its work and a consecrated life of its members. Its main purpose is the evangelization and formation of God’s children. The consecrated members are called to be, inside the Church, disciples and ministers of Peace; to choose, to live and to announce to the world the Peace that is Jesus Himself (cf. Eph 2:14).


Location: Plac Szczepanski (or Szczepanski Square)

Free Entrance

Check out the daily schedule:

27.07 (2pm – 11pm)

Show ‘The Chant of the Irias’ (EN)


Davidson Silva


Missionary Shalom

28.07 (2pm – 4pm; 8pm – 11pm)

Cardiac Move

Masterplan and Acts of the Apostles


Alto Louvor

29.07 (2pm – 4:30pm; 8:30pm – 11pm)


PJ Anderson

The Sun

Sister Cristina

Missionário Shalom and Davidson Silva


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