“What else can we do, oh Lord, but love You passionately! To give ourselves away to You with all our weaknesses and in spite of them, consume ourselves of love for You, and be servants of Your kingdom?” (Writings of the Shalom Catholic Community, Spousal Love).

Shalom’s Spirituality is based on the unconditional, “spousal” love of Jesus Christ and a radical living of the Gospel. Spousal Love, which generates a union with the Divine Will, blooms and matures in the cultivation of intimacy with God, fostered in a deep personal and community prayer life.

A prayer life is an effective way to experience contemplation, unity and evangelization. These are the three pillars of St. Teresa of Avila’s spiritual life, who walked a path of intimacy, a path of union with the Lord through personal, daily and contemplative prayer. These are also the pillars of St. Francis of Assisi, who is our model of dispossession and a total life offering.

To know the Gospel, to experience the Sacraments, to love the Eucharist and the Virgin Mary, to live the liturgy with praise and repentance, are essential elements for an intimate relationship with God in the Shalom Charism.

Also important for the Shalom spirituality is serving God and all people, accepting the way of life as a gift from God, and living what the gospel says regarding poverty, chastity and obedience.