The 2019 Missionary Expedition: a sea of hope for Madagascar

A team of 30 volunteers provided health services for the sick, taught cooking classes, and visited people in hospitals, prisons and poor villages.


The volunteers in the 2019 Missionary Expedition came from various states and cultures and spoke different languages. They were carefully selected from among the many people who applied for the Expedition. The group was comprised of doctors, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, social workers, educators, public officials and communication professionals. They went to the African continent to serve the people of Madagascar, one of this year’s designated mission lands of the Shalom Catholic Community.

On November 9 and 10, the volunteers in the 2nd Missionary Expedition to the African island of Madagascar arrived in the northern city of Antsiranana to bring love and aid to the Malagasy people, who knew about the project and with open hearts eagerly anticipated their arrival. In the following days, the team of 30 volunteers provided health services for the sick, taught cooking classes as well as visited people in hospitals, prisons and poor villages.

Every volunteer, with their fruitful sacrifice for humanity, had a story to tell- ones that were told or seen or silently hidden in the faces of the local people. In the eyes of every person they encountered they could see the hope for assistance and dreams for better days filled with human dignity.

The small city that welcomed the missionaries has innumerable treasures, the most valuable being the adults and children who live in the heart of God. The volunteer project, promoted by the Human Promotion Advisory of the Shalom Catholic Community, was our response to Pope Francis’ appeal to the Church to go out and find the poor and suffering and offer them comfort in Christ.

Follow the details about the Shalom Human Promotion on Instagram @phcomshalom and learn more about our upcoming initiatives to the island of Cape Verde (Africa) and the district of Chaves (Pará, Brazil).

“The poor help us rediscover the beauty of the Gospel” (Pope Francis).


Translation: Jhoanna Climacosa


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