The Educational Space of Peace Project will offer training for children and adolescents

The initiative of the Shalom Catholic Community in the Brazilian State of Pará is seen as providence by the parish priest of the region and has been welcomed by the local authorities.


The Educational Space of Peace was created with the mission of bringing hope to the children and young people in the small municipality of Chaves, Pará. Considered innovative and essential, this initiative by the Shalom Catholic Community is seen as providence by the parish priest of the region and is heartily welcomed by the local authorities. Educational courses for young people will be offered on site. At the end of September, the land where the Space of Peace is being built was blessed.

Father Glawciney Pinheiro Dias, pastor of the Church of Santo Antonio of Chaves, sees this work as a providence of God that will foster the growth of people in love, unity and mercy: “Our people will be re-educated, our people will learn to live with Jesus, people will have the opportunity to learn professions and everyone will be able to look at us as a reflection of God’s providence.”

According to Judge Arnaldo José Pedrosa Gomes, the young people of Chaves have relatively low levels of education and lack vocational skills. The Space of Peace Project will make significant improvements in these areas and has the full support of the city government. “This Project will adequately serve children and adolescents in the city.

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Translation: Jhoanna Climacosa


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