The exchange of experiences between the generations within the Community

“This meeting reinforces the union of generations, young people, older people, couples, who meet at the feet of Pedro, in an experience where one learns with and from the other”.


This year the theme chosen for the Shalom Convention in its 40 year anniversary was “Shalom, Friends of God, Friends of the Poor and Friends of the Young”. The event brought together almost 1,500 people from the Shalom Community, including consecrated people, special guests, postulants and disciples, from all over the world gathered in Rome, and online for those who could not come in presence. 

In the Listening Magazine of 2021, one of the topics discussed was the communion of generations: “We must transmit this [the image of the Eucharistic Spouse] to future generations, making them see the importance to persevere and build this work, to be in this procession, but with the strength of our own hands and our own abilities it is impossible.The only way to be in that procession and persevere in the course of time and history is to cultivate a deep trust in the Providence of God.

The joy of walking together

Throughout these 40 years, several generations have been reached. Messias Albano, one of the first consecrated persons of the Community, has been a member since the foundation of the Vocation and has participated in all the Shalom Conventions, throughout these days he shared with us the joy of being in another edition of this great celebration in Rome.

This meeting reinforces the union of generations, young people, older people, couples, who meet at the feet of Pedro, in an experience where one learns with and from the other. Sharing life experiences, learning – be it in the Charisma, be it in the age- teaching and spreading this new work of God.

“I have seen the Community born, I feel very happy, seeing the Community grow, it increases my love for the Vocation even more.” For Messias, 57 years old, being part of the Life Community for 40 years makes him feel young because he lives with the young people themselves, with them he renews his call in the Charism.

For Messias, following the natural evolution of the Community throughout these 40 years awakens in him the desire to offer and love the Vocation even more. “We live in the digital age. When I entered, I would have never imagined that one day we would have a television program, radio, portal, much less that one day there would be a Convention where everything would be broadcast to the entire world, and thus be able to live everything together as Shalom Community, to be able to see and touch everything that God has done and is doing with us”, he concludes.

Learn and Teach

Emanuell Barroso entered the postulancy of the Life Community a month ago and by divine providence he was able to be in the Shalom Convention for 40 years as a pilgrim and also at the service of the communication team. The 25-year-old shared his happiness for being in his first Convention and for meeting again with some brothers of the Community. “I believe that this exchange of experiences between the generations within the Community is very important, the youngest and those inexperienced in our vocation learn a lot when we have the opportunity to live everything to the fullest”, affirms the postulant.

The young man, despite having so little time in the Community, has been able to join this great celebration and says “Having the opportunity to be at this moment of renewal of our offering of life with the Pope is an inexplicable experience, I feel blessed, I think It is a great gift that God has given me in my first month of postulancy, to be here renewing this offer of life with our founder and with the first consecrated persons takes on a new meaning now that I am a postulant”.

It’s not tourism, it’s a pilgrimage

And in fact, this trip is not mere tourism, but a pilgrimage of missionaries. As Moysés Azevedo underlines, this pilgrimage indicates the procession towards sainthood. “I go through the sacred and important places of the Church, here in Rome, in the heart of the Church and all this reminds me of our pilgrimage towards the eternal”, says Emanuell, and Messias adds: “for me it is a pilgrimage, because we all go out together from home in a great procession and we chose this divine place to pilgrimage, I must always thank God for being part of this procession, where He brings us closer”.


Shalom Convention 40 years

Date: from September 23 to 28

Place: Rome

Theme: Shalom: Friends of God, Friends of the Young and Friends of the Poor

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