The gifts of the Holy Spirit: The gift of healing

The Charisms of the Spirit, conferred to all in Baptism and intensified in Confirmation, are also called gifts of the Holy Spirit. With these gifts He enables us to serve the Church of Christ.

Dons do Espírito Santo: Dom de Cura

The Gift of Healing was one of the gifts Jesus fully experienced during his earthly ministry. This gift, which was so abundantly in Jesus, in his life, mission and in the revelation of his divine identity, is one of the Charisms of the Holy Spirit that we receive at Baptism. It must be manifest in our lives and mission, confirming our witness and preaching with its signs.

For the Gift of Healing to manifest, it is enough that there is a sick person and a compassionate brother who prays for his healing. Everyone has the Gift of Healing, the problem is that not everyone strengthens it, through the constant request to the Holy Spirit and the exercise of praying for the sick. The fact is that the more we put into service the more the charisms become manifest.


The Gift of Healing manifests itself in three ways

Based on the three dimensions of man – body, soul and spirit (I Ts 5:23) – we understand that this same man can be affected by illnesses in each of these dimensions. One can be sick in their body, soul or spirit.

If we are affected in our body by any disease, we need a physical cure. If we are affected in any area of our soul, we need a prayer for inner healing. If we are stricken in our spirit, contaminating ourselves with false doctrines and moving away from the true doctrine of salvation, we need a prayer for spiritual healing or a prayer of deliverance


Prayer for physical healing

Praying for physical healing is supposed to claim the power of God’s merciful love over all kinds of illnesses, from a simple headache to a cure for cancer or HIV/AIDS. We should pray in the name of Jesus, based on the passage from Is 53: 1-6. God heals on the merits of Jesus Christ and not because we know how to pray, or because we have experience, nor because we are holy.

There are some very simple steps that are part of the prayer for physical healing: knowing the cause of the illness; having the medical diagnosis; the laying on of hands; opening up to Charisms; praying with authority – praying in the name of Jesus.


Prayer for inner healing

In inner healing, the painful heart of the human being is reached, so marked by sin, pain, fear and the wounds of life. Medicine proves that a large number of physical illnesses have emotional components. To pray for inner healing is to get these emotional components, which are harmful, out of the way, so that every person may be free by the action of the Holy Spirit so they can serve God better.

Psychologists compare the human mind with an “iceberg”. The outside of the iceberg that appears on the water is 10% and 90% is immersed in the water. Comparing to our mind, the outer part is our conscious mind and the submerged part is our unconscious mind.

It is in our unconscious mind that the deepest human memories are kept. Our traumas, fears, memories, repressed feelings, etc. are stored there. Jesus came to heal sick hearts and memories in a very particular way.


Prayer for spiritual healing

Also called “prayer of liberation”. It is a process of prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, which frees captive people in their spirit when they are oppressed by evil spirits. To pray for deliverance, it is enough that we know the problem of the troubled person and know how and why he/she is in that state; then we must order all evil forces to withdraw from that person’s life in obedience to the name of Jesus Christ, so that the person may be free for His service and praise.


Our collaboration is essential

The charisms of the Spirit, conferred on all in Baptism and intensified in Confirmation, are also called the gifts of the Holy Spirit. With these gifts He enables us to serve the Church of Christ through our brothers. The charisms are therefore powerful gifts for the service of the Christian community.

But there are conditions for receiving and persevering in the charismatic life: simplicity and purity of heart; assiduity of meditation on the Word of God; life of prayer; desire to serve brothers like Jesus (Lk 22:27); perseverance in receiving spiritual gifts (always open to being channels of action and to the power of the Spirit).

Our collaboration is essential. God doesn’t want us to be robots that act independently, as mechanical beings. Respect our freedom and our consent. If we believe, we say yes to what the Lord wants to accomplish in us. Mary Most Holy is the model of total openness: “May your word to me be fulfilled.” (Lk 1:38).

Translation: William Rocha




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