The Greatest joy ever at the Shalom Catholic Community in Toronto


The greatest joy ever at the Shalom Catholic Community in Toronto took place on this past weekend November eleven and twelve of 2016 when was inaugurated the first Evangelization Centre of Shalom Catholic Community in this city. The event counted with the presence of many people that accompanied this mission in the past thirteen years and who with joy and thanksgiving could praise the Lord for one more of his wonders on earth.

sm4This place is a “monument” for the glory of God in Toronto said Fr. Cristiano Pinheiro, the priest member of the Shalom Catholic Community and who presided the opening Mass on November 11th. He continued by saying that we could be surprise for he has used a word as “monument” to describe such a small place as our Centre in Toronto but we also should remember that was in the smallest place on earth that occurred the greatest event, where our Lord became flesh and was born from the Virgin Mary on that night in Bethlehem, the smallest town of Judea. God really likes to work in our smallness, in this way He can show that all glory is his.

After the opening mass on Friday people got to know better the centre by checking a vocational exposition and experiencing the Shalom’s Snack bar as the first inspiration idea of the Shalom’s Catholic community founder – a snack bar to attract young people and than evangelize. They joined a Pizza Night and enjoyed a live music with Fr. Cristiano Pinheiro who is also a catholic singer who has been singing in various events around the world including many World Youth Day events.

The weekend event continued on Saturday afternoon where Fr. Cristiano shared about Shalom Catholic Community in the world nowadays and specially about the meaning of this centre to each one of the members and for the people of this city who are waiting for the manifestation of the children of God. He called each one of us to be ready to evangelize because it is never late to do something to bring Christ closer, this is a work for each of us and everyone. It does not matter age, language or culture; what matter is to have a heart full of compassion as Christ has; a heart full of humanitarian compassion. There is no evangelization where does not exist compassion deep in heart he said and complemented by commissioning each one of us to be involved with the various ways the Community have to reach out the world and evangelize.

The Open House was a great joy to all members and participants of Shalom’s work in Toronto. According to Paula Mainardi the responsible for the mission of Shalom Catholic Community in this city, everyone involved feels blessed and humbled by God’s mercy who decided to settle this place where people all over can come and touch the spring of mercy that flows from the open side of Christ pierced by love for each of us all, a truly Oasis of Peace. This Oasis looks like a normal place that attracts people to simply stop by intentionally to study, read, hang out, use only the internet or even just to hide themselves from the cold weather while waiting for the bus once the bus stop is just a few steps away from our door. But once there, people will be greeted with a smile, a cozy place to stay, a very welcoming decoration and most of all, they will be welcomed by friendly people that have a secret to share: the risen Christ and are willing to do it”

The centre is open from Monday to Saturday from 2:30pm to 9:30pm and awaits for all


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