“The Holy Spirit came upon us and they began to prophesy”


“The Holy Spirit came upon us and they began to prophesy”, was the theme of the Priests of Shalom Covenant Community, which took place between in the Centre of Spirituality Saint Teresa of Avila, in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Ten priests and a permanent deacon were reunited in this retreat, coming from missions of Rio de Janeiro, João Pessoa, Salvador, and São Paulo amongst other missions.

The Shalom priest carries in himself the grace of Shalom charisma, and always has to carry with him a great ardor, a great compassion for those who are far from God and from the Church. As a priest, he has a special grace, to be an instrument of reconciliation of the mankind with God. His missionary and apostolic life is very productive inside the Church and the Humanity.
Out of the 36 priests, 22 are members of Life Community, and 14 are from covenant community

The priests from Life Community live in communal houses and serve the Church being more linked to the missionary activities of Shalom Catholic Community. The priests from Covenant Community live Shalom Vocation with their other commitments in the Diocese they are in, but they do not live in communal houses. Both live the base of the three pillars of Shalom Vocation: Contemplation, Unity, Evangelization.


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