The next Shalom Community foundation in Poland, in Warsaw

Representatives from Shalom International Assistance and the responsible of Shalom mission in Krakow, Michele Magalhães, are visiting Warsaw – capital of Poland- in order to attend some meetings preparing for the next Shalom Community foundation in the country. On March 2, Shalom members met with the city’s archbishop, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, in order to define in more detail the missionary collaboration between the Archdiocese of Warsaw and the Community.
On the occasion of the last World Youth Day in July 2016, about 1000 young pilgrims from the Shalom Community were in Warsaw (from various parts of Brazil and 20 other countries in the world) to participate in the Missionary Week in the city, period known as “Pre-Journey”. Before leaving for Krakow to live the great international meeting of young people with Pope Francis, the young pilgrims were able to experience a week of cultural, formative, prayer and leisure activities in the Polish capital. These days of missionary activity have generated many bonds of friendship and communion between Shalom pilgrims and young people and families of Warsaw. “A very concrete fruit of the days lived during WYD in Poland was a great missionary communion that was born between the youth of Shalom and the youth of Warsaw. I remember those days lived here and the joy that existed in the hearts of young people, experiencing that gift of Unity from the Shalom Charism, our way of praying, of proclaiming Jesus and of witnessing His presence in our lives “says Fr. Cristiano Pinheiro , an international assistant of Shalom Community, who accompanies the dialogue between the archdiocese of Warsaw and the Shalom Community. “We have already had 5 missionaries living in Krakow since 2015, which is a very concrete result of the last WYD. Now this new presence in Warsaw is part of this great action that God started here in Poland and that He wants to continue operating and multiplying “says Michele Magalhães, head of the Shalom mission in the city of Krakow.
With the support of priests, laity and young people from Warsaw who are already walking in the light of the Shalom Community Charism, the International Community Office will work to define a Shalom mission presence in the Polish capital by the end of the first half of this year, 2017. Pawel, a young man from Warsaw who has been dedicated to assisting the arrival of the Shalom Community in the city, testifies: “Thanks to Shalom, I have discovered which way I should go in my life, what I should devote myself to. I want to live and show the same joy that these young people manifest. I know God wants me to live! How can I not give God my life and my happiness?” The Shalom community, in fact, desires to be a presence of Peace, a bridge between the Joy of the Heart of God and the search for happiness in the hearts of men. Packed suitcases for Warsaw! Shalom!


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