The opening Ceremony went through the history of the Community and of the YJP (Youth for Jesus Project)

The opening had songs that marked special times in the Vocation with voices well known by the crowd.


With the Lights out and audience silent there hearts were full of expectation. At the opening of the Shalom Youth Congress (CJS), young people remembered the history of the Community and the Youth for Jesus Project (YJP) through the arts. The opening was coordinated by Delni Bezerra and Leandro Tavares, both missionaries of Life Community, and it brought songs that marked times in the Shalom Vocation with voices well known by the crowd.

Shalom Catholic Community founder Moysés Azevedo addressed a few words to young people after the opening ceremony. He commented that CJS 2019 takes place in front of the “Castelão” Arena, a place that St. John Paul II visited in 1980 and that he had the opportunity to offer his life out of the evangelization of young people.

Before the Eucharistic celebration, young people expressed their joy with a lot of noise, excitement, and music. About 10,000 were gathered at the Northeast Olympic Training Center on the evening of Friday the 4th, the feast day of St.Francis of Assisi the stronghold of the Shalom Vocation.


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