The prophecy of the Shalom charism in Panama

The isthmus that unites the Americas has a room for Shalom vocation.


Right after volunteering at WYD 2019, we, first missionaries of Shalom Community in Central America, feel very blessed and excited for starting a new mission in Panama, the isthmus that unites the Americas has a room for Shalom vocation.

Shalom vocation is something unusual for young people here, they had never seen young missionaries who consecrate their lives to the Church. This calls their attention and many of them feel very attracted to follow this way.

Faith has a very joyful and welcoming face in Panama, most of its population is Catholic and those who are not Catholic are very opened to listen and talk.

Since the beginning we felt loved and welcomed to this land. The simplicity and the generosity of the poor and of the rich have always touched us and it also called and sent us to evangelize and serve in the same way.

Shalom is a prophecy and a response to the life of many in Panama. We do not know how and when we will start prayer groups, neither when the evangelization center will open, we hope that it will be very soon. However, we keep working on communicating the fullness of peace with joy in our everyday life with those we meet, with the youth and the people we are already in contact with. Inspired by Saint Teresa of Lisieux we wait on God’s providence knowing that “I only have today to love you Jesus”.

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Bárbara Melo


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