The Queen of Cartago and the Pre-WYD

Our Lady became the Queen of Cartago after a curious situation.


A replica of the patroness of Costa Rica, Our Lady of the Angels, was sent to Brazil for the youth to take to the upcoming World Youth Day (WYD). And of course, while here it has passed through the country which will be the headquarters for the pre-World Youth Day. According to the Shalom Community’s Youth Advisory, the statute of the Virgin Mary which was entrusted to them by a priest will help lead many Brazilian youth to the gathering of the world’s young people with Pope Francis in Panama City this year.

Our Lady became the Queen of Cartago after a strange situation in which a young girl found a doll holding a baby in its arms, she placed the doll in a wooden box. The next day, the young girl found the same doll once again. She again placed the doll in a wooden box. This same situation repeated itself a couple of times. Soon after, they realised that they were dealing with an action of the Virgin Mary. A sanctuary was built upon the location where the doll was found. Up to this day, it is possible to visit the statue which measures roughly 20 cm.


Studies have found that the water that falls from the sanctuary is the purest water in the country. Many people collect water from the sanctuary on a daily to drink.  The water fount comes from the rock where the Black Madonna – as she is also known – appeared. The statue gained the title of Our Lady of the Angels for being discovered on the 2nd of August, the day which the Franciscans celebrate St. Mary of the Angels. She is also known as the Queen of Cartago, the city where she was found by the young girl.


Be a PilgrimSH

Travel Itinerary for the Pre-WYD + WYD

Leave Brazil: 15th of January, 2019

Arrive in Panama, and get the bus to San Jose: 16th January, 2019

Arrive in San Jose: 17th of January, 2019

Return to Panama: 21st of January,  2019

Arrive in Panama: 22nd of January, 2019

Return to Brazil: 29th of January, 2019

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Translation: Gabriela Gois


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