The second anniversary of Shalom Catholic Community in Boston





On June 3rd, Shalom Catholic Community is going to celebrate a Mass
at St. Anthony’s Church in honor of its 2nd anniversary of foundation in Boston,  the acceptance of Danielle LaPointe and Matthew Pandolfo as postulants in Shalom Covenant Community and the renewal of the Higor and Mariana Fontoura’s Temporary Promises also as Shalom Covenant Community .
“The Vocation to the Shalom Community is a calling from God who speaks to each and every baptised member of God’s people who, having had the experience with the Risen One who passed through the cross and who baptises in the Holy Spirit (cf.Jn 20,19-22), and confessing the Catholic faith, receives the call to follow Him according to the spirit of this vocation. Members of the Shalom Catholic Community are all those who, having experienced such calling from the Lord, are accepted into its formation path, by asking officially their entrance into the Community to be accepted as legal members of the Community by means of Temporary or Definitive Promises, assuming in their lives the vocation to the Shalom Catholic Community, according to its Statutes.”

“The Covenant Community receive a call to offer their lives to Christ in the midst of family and professional activities, with the commitment to live them according to the same spirit of this Charism and also,at its own level, the commitments of contemplation, unity and evangelisation.” (Shalom Catholic Community Statutes”



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