Shalom in New York inaugurates a café in Williamsburg to evangelize and gather


“As I have been noticing, people in Williamsburg know how to enjoy a good coffee and a joyful community, so that’s what we are offering to them. In addition and most importantly, we desire to listen and welcome those who pass by,” said Barbara Freitas, one of the missionaries of the Shalom Community in Brooklyn.

The SH NY space was constructed by the young adults in the prayer groups of the Shalom Community in Brooklyn. The young adults consulted on the interior design, repainted the walls, and built and hung art inside the space. The space was also financially supported by benefactors who helped to furnish the space.

One important benefactor was a neighbor of the Shalom Community in Brooklyn. These neighbors run a wood shop where they make furniture for HBO TV shows. On learning about the SH NY space, they joyfully provided a counter and a countertop for the space. One said, “Everyday, we wake up thinking about who we can help.” The principles of charity and the desire to serve others brought the wood shop owners and Shalom together in mission. This experience also became an open door to evangelization.

The stunning mural is the work of a local artist called Brendan. Brendan started following the @shalomnewyork profile on Instagram and after one of the missionaries sent him a DM to welcome him and share the Shalom activities, he volunteered to paint the wall in the SH NY space. Brendan felt it was God calling him to do this. The mural depicts stained glass, with different colors and shapes which form into a tree, representing the tree of life.




Most of the hard work was completed by Adam, who volunteered days and nights to redo the floor, paint the walls, and construct necessary furniture. Seeing the space come together has brought him great joy. Adam has a powerful life testimony. He once lived a life of addictions, but he overcame it through a step by step process. He was baptized this past year, received his first holy communion, and was confirmed. Through this Space, the missionaries expect to welcome more people like Adam who has become a living example that truly, God can make all things new.

Now, the Shalom Community in Brooklyn expects that the SH NY space will become a meeting space, a place of gathering, a hangout area, and above all, a place where anyone can enjoy good coffee and good conversation. Volunteers will open the space once a week and offer free coffee to the passerbyers of Williamsburg. There is much excitement in this mission for those involved!

The missionaries trust that every initiative is a prompt of the Spirit of God. The Lord chose to work through weak men and women, the lay people, and especially the young adults. Among them, He sets His foundations, builds a mission: an evangelization center, so that His Word may be alive and His kingdom may come!

To know more about SH NY Space check the instagram of the Shalom Community in New York @shalomnewyork. For further information send an email to



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