The Shalom Community organizes a Campaign for World Poor Day 2019

According to Pope Francis, what the poor really need goes beyond the hot soup or sandwich we offer.


On the occasion of the World Day of the Poor, the Shalom Catholic Community will promote various actions aimed at reawakening the commitment to love, help and evangelize those most in need.

From the proposal of the Church in 2017, the Community is conducting the campaign for the World Day of the Poor, which consists in promoting actions of evangelization that provide experiences of encounter and awareness that “faith: if it does not have the works, it is dead in itself” (James 2:17) and as Christians we must give a committed response to the material, spiritual and social poverty of society.

The campaign always takes place on the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time and has achieved its goals because many members of the Community, of the Shalom Opera and volunteers experience touching and serving Christ in the poor. The program includes moments of evangelization, food sharing, healing masses, medical and social care aimed at reaching both the homeless and all other realities of material poverty.

According to Pope Francis, what the poor really need goes beyond the hot soup or sandwich we offer. The poor need our hands to be able to get up, our hearts to feel the warmth of affection again and our presence to overcome loneliness.

The novelty of the Campaign this year is due to the proposal to attract volunteers for our services of human promotion, which will be carried out through the registration and motivation of those who want to participate as “servants of the ministry”. May every Christian, on this World Day of the Poor, be able to experience the awakening of love for the poor and the desire to collaborate concretely so that no one feels deprived of closeness and solidarity, a campaign that alleviates suffering and despair of the poor.


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