The “Song of Irias” at Acamps Summer Festival

The fourth morning of the Acamps summer festival ended with the … showing of the “Song of Irias”.


A play based on the true story of the beautiful man greatly loved by God and free to roam around the ‘land of truth’, but who with the perturbant distraction of Danco – a kind of gypsy who was once a gorgeous man also filled with the graces of truth, but was lost and distorted by the ‘land of man’. With Danco’s persisting and appealing offers, the beautiful man detached himself from the truth to enter the ‘land of man’, leaving the ‘land of truth’ behind.


  There, he was the maker of his own destiny, his own choices and constantly involved with what he now saw as wonderful: drugs, sex, parties. But the more he delved into these experiences his beautiful image and self began to distort itself into a crooked, blind, dirty beast (Iria), no longer able to stand on his own, with ideas being woven into his being such as, “I am a transgender”, “I don’t want this child, I can abort it at any time”, “I don’t want to be tied down to one person forever, I want to enjoy life, have as many flings as I can”. The more these ideas were embedded in his mind the more distorted he became, no longer being able to stand on his own.


Eventually, Jesus comes to this unrecognizable man’s rescue, no longer being able to recognize God or accept His love, but the man tries to distance himself, blaming God for his mistakes and distortions. Jesus reminds the man that he is loved and free to choose the path he wants to take and God is there to help him through the path of salvation, which will not be easy.


The path to salvation is painful, daunting and extremely heavy however Jesus is there to help with the burden of the errors and weight of all the man’s sins because He has endured it all before, through his cross, through His passing of the cross.




The man falls many times, is weak, is afraid but God does not leave his side helping him up and when the burden was too much, Jesus carried the man in his own arms to the cross where with Him the man endured the purification and salvation of his soul. Through the pain and the suffering, the man was renewed and returned to his true image, the likeness of God. Returning to his true Joy, the Joy of having the truth in his life.


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