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One mamma

In 1960, Brother Aloysius Louis Scheerer, a Dominican Friar, was appointed Bishop of Multan, Pakistan. What is interesting about him is that on the occasion of his ordination to the episcopacy his big family was there, namely, all his nine siblings. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that all ten of them, including Brother Louis, entered religious life.

Ms Scheerer, a widowed mother, raised all 10 children in the Catholic faith. Her husband wanted to become a Dominican priest himself and entered seminary for the Order of Priest (OP). He left after only six months and later married Gertrude. The house was full of joy and a true missionary inspiration for all children. They all used to go to Mass together, to serve at Church and used to have the presence of priests always passing by for a visit.

Among his siblings there were: five Discalced Carmelite Friars, two Dominican Friars and three Dominican Sisters of St Catherine de Ricci. On the above mentioned occasion of Brother Scheerer’s ordination, when all his siblings were introduced to Pope John XXIII, the pope exclaimed: “One mamma?!!” “Yes, your Holiness, one mamma!!” – replied one of his brothers.

Emanuela Cardoso
Shalom Catholic Community


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