Vigil at Diaconia marks the visit of Archbishop Rino Fisichella to Shalom Catholic Community


The night of January 28 th will be etched in the spirit and heart of the participants of the Vigil “To the end of the earth”. The event has been prepared for Archbishop Rino Fisichella’s visit to Shalom Community. The Archibishop from Italy is the president of the Pontifical Council for promoting the new evangelization. The night was composed of artistic, formative, prayerful moments. The vigil has begun with a word of Archibishop Fisichella to the young people. Right after, the participants could attend the Show “Resposta” (“Answer”), a show which tells the story of the begining of Shalom Community, and the experience made by Moysés Azevedo, Emmir  Nogueira and other young people.

The event went on with a moment of questions and answers to Archbishop Rino Fisichella. The questions have been made by young people who were on the stage and by many of them who were asking questions through social networks. The Archbishop has been asked about the vocational calling. As an answer, he referred to Samuel’s calling. “This voice (Jesus’ voice) can never be forgotten. It is a voice which is different from the others. If we do not remain silent in life, this voice will not be able to arrive to us. Silence is necessary”, he said.

Archbishop Rino Fisichella has been asked about the evangelization in such a relativist society. He told that the best answer for today’s man is the Truth. “To tell the truth, simply tell the truth. No one wants to be misled. Many times, the world deludes us, shows us the fiction. This is necessary to tell the truth to each other. The truth is unique”.

The night continued with a show of the band Missionário Shalom. Young people from various missions who met in the Diaconia danced to the sound of the band’s main success. The song “Oferta” (“Offering”) has been the song to open the Moment of Adoration to the Bless Sacrament.

Mission Moment

At 3 am, Moysés Azevedo and Emmir Nogueira led the “Mission” Moment. Moysés affirmed that the first missionary was Jesus Christ, for he looked at the humanity’s suffering, came out from the heart of the Trintiy and came to us. The missionarity, to him, comes from the experience of mercy. “Who experienced God’s mercy becomes indebted to the entire humanity”, affirmed Moysés.

Emmir Nogueira addressed the theme of evangelization. Between testimonies of evaneglization, she affirmed that for us to have the will to evangelize people in other countries,to be a missionary in China ou Europe for example, it is necessary to want first to evangelize the person who is next to us, to be a missionary to them.

The highlight of the Vigil was the celebration of the Holy Mass, at 4:30 am. In the homily, the priest talked about the mission to evangelize which is given to the young people. “Young people are God’s weapon, a weapon of Hope. Young people will evangelize for Hope. We must not offer our Life after, because after, we will not be able to do anything anymore. If we did not do our follies, our fragrance will not spread”.

By Guilherme Rocha


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